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      Feeding the Joy Link to Awakening :-)

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, just as this body, is sustained by feeding, exists in dependence on feeding
and cannot survive without food, even so are the 7 Links to Awakening also sustained
by feeding, they
also can only exist in dependence on feeding and they cannot survive
without feeding... And what, Bhikkhus, is the feeding of the emergence of yet unarisen
joy and also feeding of the completion by increase of any already arisen joy?
There are mental states that are the originator, maker, producer, root, propagator,
 and source for the awakening of joy! Frequently giving careful and rational attention
to them, is feeding the arising and gradual fulfillment of joy...
And what is the starving that obstructs the emergence of any yet unarisen joy which
also hinders any already arisen joy from reaching sweet fulfillment by development?
There are states that are the basis and source for the joy link to awakening!
Not giving frequent careful and rational attention to them; not considering them much
and often; is the starving that prevents any unarisen joy from arising, and also blocks
any already arisen joy from reaching any complete fulfillment by mental training...

Comments from the classical commentaries:
Elated and ecstatic exultation is the characteristic of the Joy Link to Awakening
(Pīti-sambojjhanga). Motivated intentness upon is the purpose of this quality of Joy.
Satisfaction lifting any depression is the manifestation of the Joy Link to Awakening.
Thinking of Joy makes this state return! This can be utilized by training it! Try now!
This reinforcement - in itself - has the capacity to gradually elevate, and induce Joy!
Therefore is the state of gladness and Joy itself mainspring, and source of more Joy...
It is the deliberate directing attention to joy, again and again, that can produce Joy!

Further conditions helpful for arising of the Joy Link to Awakening are:
1: Recollection of the supreme and sublime uniqueness of the Buddha...
2: Recollection of the supreme and sublime uniqueness of the Dhamma...
3: Recollection of the supreme and sublime uniqueness of the Sangha...
4: Recollection of the supreme and sublime efficacy of pure Morality...
5: Recollection of the supreme and sublime efficacy of prior Generosity...
6: Recollection of the qualities that gave the devas their high divinity...
7: Remembering the stilled silent state of blissful Peace...
8: Avoidance of primitive, violent, angry, rough, and coarse people.
9: Friendship with refined and kind people, who often smile in silent ease.
10: Reviewing by reading many inspiring Dhamma discourses like this one.
11: Commitment and resolute determination to elevate the mind by Joy...

There is joy joined with thinking, and there is joy separated from thinking!
Both leads to enraptured advance towards many advantageous states, yet
joy without thinking is the higher: Awakening is a veritable flood of bliss!

Gladness keeps away both Madness and Sadness ;-)

More on this delightful  Joy (Pīti), that is not of this world: 
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Joy_Piti, Joys_Beyond_This_World, Feeding_Joy, Alert_Elevated_Joy.

Sources (edited extracts):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 65-6+102-8] 46: Links. 2+51: Group and Nutriments....

Feeding Joy!

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