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                 Feeling (Vedanã): Causes and Effects:


There are pleasant feelings = mental gladness and bodily pleasure.
There are painful feelings = mental sadness and bodily pain.
There is neither pleasant, nor painful feeling = neutral indifference. 

Pleasant feeling is agreeable when arising, yet disagreeable when ceasing!
Painful feeling is disagreeable when arising, yet agreeable when ceasing!
Neutral feeling is quite agreeable, when one is aware of its presence,
yet quite dull, boring, and disagreeable, when one is unaware of its presence! 

Disadvantageous Side-Effects:
If unaware, pleasant feeling will inevitably cause the arising of desire...
If aware, pleasant feeling will not cause the arising of this desire!
If unaware, painful feeling will inevitably cause the arising of aversion...
If aware, painful feeling will not cause the arising of this aversion!
If unaware, neutral feeling will inevitably cause the arising of ignorance.
If aware, neutral feeling will not cause arising of this ignorance! 

Near Causes:
The cause of feeling is contact: Eye-contact, ear-contact, nose-contact,
tongue-contact, body-contact, or mind-contact. At the moment this
contact ceases, the associated feeling also instantly ceases... 

Long-term Detrimental Effects:
The effect of the phenomenon feeling is -in the case- of unawareness:
Craving towards the object = attraction, when the feeling is pleasant.
Craving away from the object = repulsion, when the feeling is painful.
Craving towards 'other' than the object = neglect, when feeling is neutral. 

Feeling is - as everything else - that is conditioned and constructed:
1: Transient, impermane
nt, passing, can neither be kept, nor maintained!
2: Dissatisfying, disappointing, frustrating, painful, and miserable!
3: Impersonal, selfless, ownerless, and neither-me-nor-mine-nor-my-self!

There is this changing phenomenon feeling, yet there is no feeler...
Who, or what then feels? Feeling itself feels as it were being felt! 

Buddha once said:
Everything, every mental state, converges on this feeling...

We run after pleasant feeling and away from painful feeling, even without
knowing it, or being aware of it! Feeling is thus the property by which our
autopilot mind is controlled!
Unaware of that, we become blind slaves of feeling!
This robot-maniac mind then runs after objects such as porn, drugs, booze, sex,
entertainment, and food
, which, when contacted, gives rise to pleasant feelings.
Pleasant feeling is thus the proximate cause of much self-destructive addiction!       

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Everything Converges on Feeling!

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