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An interested friend asked:

Question 1: What is the definition of "misconduct in sensual pleasures"?

Answer 1 please See:


Question 2: If there is no 'God', or 'First Cause', in the absence of a 'Moral Absolute'

how are we to determine the difference between what is 'right', and what is 'wrong' ?

(if the universe is 'amoral', then all actions are morally equivalent )

Answer 2: Only intentional action can be moral or immoral!   
If any intentional action, whether mental, verbal or bodily
is going to induce pain or sorrow in oneself or others or both,
either now, later, or much later, then this is clearly WRONG!

1: Not killing any living being is RIGHT;
2: Not taking, what is not given is RIGHT;
3: Not abusing in sensual pleasures is RIGHT;
4: No false speech or cheating is RIGHT;
5: No divisive or wicked speech is RIGHT;
6: No angry or scolding speech is RIGHT;
7: Not empty hearsay gossip is RIGHT;
8: Non-covetousness, non-jealousy & non-envy is RIGHT;
9: No ill will & genuine good-will is RIGHT;
10: Right view is all RIGHT.

On the absolute distinction between what is right=advantageous & wrong=detrimental see furthermore:

All inanimate things as the universe, trees, oceans, houses etc. are neutral (=amoral) without any moral quality.


Question 3: If we are situated in the present between of an infinite number of past and future kammic effects,
then are we not all 'doomed' to fulfill our predetermined destiny?

Answer 3: There is no 'fixed' future destiny:
No since we all still retain a relative amount of Free Will...!
If we have done past bad and now chose to do some good, our future will change to the better.
If we have done past good and now chose to do some evil, our future will change to the worse.
This shows that there is no absolutely predetermined destiny, as the future is continuously changing!
The Future is modified here & now! Whenever an intention is formed a future moment is created or changed!
Therefore is there no 'doom', but an ever open option to make progress...

Fixed Destiny vs. Free Will & the Moral Option...

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