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   Nature Law: Action & Reaction!

The Blessed Buddha once spoke on these 4 invariable & fixed laws:

There are 4 things, Bhikkhus & Friends, which nobody can change,
neither recluse, nor priest, nor god, nor devil, nor anyone at all
in this or any other universe. What are these 4 things?
1: That what is subject to decay, may not decay...
2: That what is subject to sickness, may not fall sick...
3: That what is subject to death, may not die... &
4: That those evil, immoral, impure, terrible, and pain-producing 
actions, which ever and again lead to rebirth, ageing, and death,
may not bring results, may not produce their inevitable fruits...
These four things, Bhikkhus & Friends, neither recluses, priests,
divine beings, neither gods, nor devils, nor anyone in this or any
other multiverse can ever stop... Therefore: So be it...

Impermanence makes all vanish...

More on the Universal Fact of Impermanence:

Transient & ephemeral are all constructions...

Anguttara Nikāya. Numerical Sayings: AN 4:182

The 4 Inviolable Laws!

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