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These 7 States are Focused on 1 single object: NibbAna!

The Awareness Link to Awakening is foremost, in the sense of rolling overall like a wheel.
The Investigation Link to Awakening is the chief, in the sense of greatness like an elephant.
The Energy Link to Awakening is prime, in the sense of being swift & strong like a horse.
The Joy Link to Awakening is vital, in the sense of giving brilliant radiance like a jewel.
The Tranquillity Link to Awakening, is primary in the sense of soothing like a mild woman.
The Concentration Link to Awakening, is best in the sense of giving wealth like a treasurer.
The Equanimity Link to Awakening is supreme, in the sense of ballance like a good advisor.
These seven links to awakening are thus like the 7 treasures of a wheel-turning monarch.
They awaken beings into the state of entering the stream leading to the deathless Nibbāna.
They further awaken beings into the state of returning here as human only one more time.
They furthermore awaken beings into the state of never returning here as human again.
They finally fully awaken beings into the state of Arahatship by complete Enlightenment!
When these seven states coincide simultaneously; fused into the same assemblage; all being
joined focused on only one single and same object: Nibbāna, then Awakening occurs...
This 7-fold supreme culmination is the final Enlightenment! Yeah...

Awakening is 7 mental qualities focused on 1 single object...

More On these 7 Links to Awakening (Sambojjhanga):

Awakening is a phase transition of consciousness...
Local to => Universal  +  Discrete to => Continuous!

Enlightenment transcends both time and space & is thus inexpressible!

Focused and Fused!

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