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Faith and Devotion is Advantageous!

Faith is the first of the 5 Elements of Effort (padhāniyanga):
1: Faith, 2: Health, 3: Sincerity, 4: Energy, and 5: Understanding.

Faith is main factor of the 4 Streams of Merit (puññā-dhārā):
1: Unshakable faith in the Buddha,
2: Unshakable faith in the Dhamma,
3: Unshakable faith in the Sangha,
4: Quite Perfected Morality.

Faith is the first of the 7 Treasures (dhana):
1: Faith,
2: Morality,
3: Shame,
4: Fear of Wrongdoing,
5: Learning,
6: Generosity,
7: Understanding.

Faith is seed, the entrance, the initiator, the ticket, the beginning.
Understanding is the highest, the goal, the diamond-cutter, the end.
Both are Floods of Advantage, Fabulous Fruits, Leading to Happiness!

Yeah! So it is Really and not otherwise!

For Fabulously Fine Faith (Saddhā)  please see:

Freeing & Fruitful is Faith!

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