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  Contemplation of Death is Advantageous!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The days and nights are flying past,
Life shrinks & dwindles hurriedly away,
The life of mortals ebbs, and runs away,
Vanishes, like water in a tiny stream.
SN 4:10

As every morning one may worry & fear
The sudden falling of the ripened fruits,
So all mortals in this and any other world,
Have to live in constant fear of abrupt dying.
Sn 576

Death looks over your shoulder to see how you fool around...

All beings are subject to death, will die
end in death, can never ever escape death.
As absolutely every earthen pot that has
been shaped & born by the potter's hand,
whether big or small, firm or frail, each one,
All will crack up & fall to pieces in the end!
Exactly so are all beings subject to death,
come to death, can never escape death...
All beings at due time have to pass away,
Their life one day will finish and perish,
Then they all fare according to their deeds,
Thus good or bad fruits they all will earn.
The evil-doer fares all screaming to hell,
The good man smiling to a happy world.
Hence, Noble deeds one should perform
As a supplying store for the next life!
For good deeds in the next world give
living beings their only strong support!
Without that there is only the free fall!
SN 3:22

Neither in the distant space, nor in the deepest ocean,
nor in the darkest cave, can anyone escape the crushing
fact of Death ...!
Dhammapada Illustration 128 Background Story 128

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