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The 10 Contemplations is Buddhist Routine!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus and friends: There is one contemplation, which when often practised
and developed leads to the complete turning away from the world, to detachment,
to stilling, to ceasing, to Peace, to final penetrating knowledge, to Enlightenment,
and thus to Nibbāna...
Any Noble Disciple, who by progress has understood the Dhamma, dwells frequently
in this state. Which is that unique contemplation?
It is reflecting over the qualities of own prior charity exactly like this:
Any Noble Disciple reviews his own generosity (Cāga) in this very way:
Truly, blessed am I, highly lucky: "Among all beings polluted by low, stingy, and mean
niggardliness, I am living with a mind freed from avarice, open-handed, liberal,
in high-minded largesse, inviting all beggars, always rejoicing in giving and sharing
all I possess, and have access to with others.. Source: Anguttara Nikāya 6:10

Giving is the basic medicine against Clinging, and the best training in relinquishment.
Only exactly as much one is able to give now, will one be able to gain in the future!
The proximate cause of poverty vs. richness is thus stinginess versus open sharing..

So get that purse up the pocket before it strangulates you from inside ;-)!

What one has given, that one will get! Open-handed Generosity Smiles :-)
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