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There is only One really Good and Noble Way!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Some priests postulate this as the way going upwards: "Get up early and walk
facing east. Do not avoid a pit, or a cliff abyss, or a stump, or a thorny place,
or a village, or a cesspool! You should expect death wherever you fall...
Thus, good man, with the breakup of the body, after death, you will be reborn in
a good destination, in a heavenly world." This the praxis of the priests, Bhikkhus,
is a foolish and stupid way, since it does neither lead to revulsion, to disillusion,
nor to ceasing, to peace, to direct knowledge, to Enlightenment, nor to Nibbāna!
However, Bhikkhus, I will explain the very way Going Upwards  in the Noble One's
Discipline, that way, which leads to utter revulsion, to disillusion, to ceasing, to peace,
to safe knowledge, to Enlightenment, to Nibbāna: 
Any Noble Disciple possesses a verified and confirmed confidence in the Buddha thus:
"Worthy, and perfectly self-Enlightened is the Buddha .."
He  possesses confirmed confidence in the Dhamma thus:
"Perfectly formulated is the Buddha-Dhamma, visible right here and now..."
He  possesses confirmed confidence in the Sangha thus:
"Perfectly training is this Noble Sangha of the Buddha's disciples...."
He also possesses the purity of morality esteemed by the Noble Ones: Unbroken, untorn,
unspotted, freeing, praised by the clever elders, natural, leading to concentration.
This, Bhikkhus, is the way going upwards, which leads to utter revulsion, to disillusion,
to ceasing, to Peace, to direct knowledge of Enlightenment, and Nibbāna!

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