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Entering & Dwelling in All-Embracing Goodwill!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
How does the monk whose mind is filled with all-embracing kindness
pervade one direction? Just as, at the sight of a dear and agreeable
childhood friend, one may feel kindness, exactly so does he pervade
all living beings with his kind friendliness...                        
Vibh Xlll,643

May all beings live in happiness and peace. Filled with joy and delight!
   Sn 145

I found no one whom I loved better than myself. Exactly so to do all
other beings also love their self most dearly. Thus, wishing well to all,
one should do No Harm to anyone!
     SN 3.8

Mental release by
all-embracing friendliness is practiced in five ways
with unspecified extension: May all beings be free from anger, anxiety
and frustration, and may they pass their life in happiness! May all living
beings ... all creatures ... all individuals ... all those included in existence
be free from anger, anxiety and frustration and may they be all happy!
 Pts 11/130


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