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  Any Self-Control starts with Guarding the 6 Sense Doors!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Bhikkhus, by possessing three qualities, one lives full of pleasure & Joy in this very life,
and one also has laid a solid foundation for elimination of the mental fermentations...

What are these three advantageous qualities?

I:     One guards the doors of the senses,
II:   One is moderate in eating, and
III: One is devoted to wakefulness...

And how, Bhikkhus, does one guard the doors of the senses?
When seeing a form,
hearing a sound, smelling a smell, tasting a taste, touching a thing,
or thinking a thought, one does neither get caught up by any of the general features,

nor does one become as if gripped, immersed, fixated or captivated by any particular
detail of this form, sound, smell, taste, touch, idea or mental state...

Since, if one leaves the senses of the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body & mind uncontrolled,
then evil detrimental states such as greed, lust & discontent invades & dominates the mind!
Therefore does one train control of the senses, guarding the senses, holding back the senses,
and one keeps in check these 6 wild-running senses...
Imagine, Bhikkhus, a horse-wagon, which yoked to two full-blooded horses, was standing ready
with whip & goad, on even ground at a crossroads. Any clever tamer of horses could mount it,
and, taking the reins in his left hand & the goad in his right, he could drive away and return
by whatever way he wanted, whenever he wanted, being in complete control of his direction...
Similarly here, the Bhikkhu trains guarding these six senses, trains in controlling them, trains
in taming them, trains in pacifying them. It is in this way, Bhikkhus, that a Bhikkhu possess
the advantageous mental ability to guard & fully control the six
sense doors...

The 3 firsts on Basic Self-Control:

Source (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [176-7]
Section 35: The 6 Senses. Salayatana. The Horse-Wagon. Rato 239.

Guarding the Senses!

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