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Faith is an advantageous Hand, Wealth and Seed:

Using it as a tool they have faith. Just this act of having an anchor is in itself faith.
Its characteristic is trusting, having confidence in and being fully convinced about.
Faith's function is to clarify, like a filter, and to promote an entrance like a door.
Faith manifests as devoted non-wavering, and as a quite resolute determination.
Its proximate cause is something to have faith in, and hearing the Saddhamma.
It should be seen as a hand because it takes up and holds all advantageous states,
as mental wealt,h since it leads to future prosperity, and as a seed that initiates
growth of all that is truly good.

The Blessed Buddha said:
Faith is all being's best wealth; Dhamma praxis brings best happiness;
Truth indeed has the best taste of all; Living in and by understanding is best!
Sn. 182

Confidence is the seed, Self-control is the rain,
Understanding is the yoke and plough, Shame and Conscience is the pole,
A well working mind is the yoke-tie, Awareness is the ploughshare and goad.
Sn. 77

By Conviction is the flood crossed; By endurance is the ocean crossed;
By effort is one's suffering quelled; By wise understanding is one purified!
Sn. 184

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