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Morality Causes No Regrets & thus Gladness!

What are the Advantages of Morality?
The Gladness of No Regrets and No Remorse!
Wealth well acquired by righteous diligence!
The Fine Fame of a Good Reputation!
The Purity of a Clean Conscience...
Assured and Natural Self-Confidence in any assembly!
Neither confusion, nor any panic at the
moment of death!
A Happy and occasionally even Divine Destiny after death!

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What are the Similes of Morality?
Morality is like a good foothold!
Morality is like a purifying bath!
Morality is like a solid cement foundation!
Morality is like a key to success!
Morality is like a cool breeze!
Morality is like a hidden fortune!
Morality is like a scent drifting even against the wind!
Morality is like a staircase to heaven!
Morality is like an aura of fine radiance!
Morality is like an innocent and rapturous joy!
Morality is like a much respected fame!

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga.
Written by 'the great explainer' Ven. Buddhaghosa in 5th century AC.


More on this Basic First Cause of all Good: Morality (Sīla)!

Pure Morality is a Happy Habit!

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