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How to Meet the next Buddha Metteyya:

"You can come as you like, but you pay as you go..."

The Buddha Metteyya, the Friendly One, will be the last & 5th Buddha in this Aeon!

1: One should give gifts (dāna),
2: One should observe morality (sīla),
3: One should practice meditation (bhāvanā),
4: One should be firm and determined (dalha),
5: One should wish sincerely to meet him with agitated mind (ubbigga-manasa),
6: One should be stirred by an acute sense of urgency (samvega),
7: The Observance days (uposatha) should be rigorously kept.
8: Friendliness (mettā) should be quite carefully cultivated.
9: Deep Concentration (samādhi) should be regularly trained.
10: Real Understanding should be sought and achieved (pañña).
Right behaviour (action) can be compared to having sound limbs...
Right understanding can be compared to being able to see...
If one or the other is missing, a person will be unsuccessful.
If both is fully present, the person will be fully successful.
Meeting the Metteyya Buddha opens the Doors to the Deathless Nibbāna...

Note the flower ;-)

How is The Formal Aspiration to Meet Buddha Ariya Metteyya:

Bodhisatta Metteyya
The Friendly One

Resources on the next Buddha Metteyya:  The Unconquerable Friendly One!

The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya. By honourable Sayagyi U Chit Tin:

The Anagatavamsa Desana: The Chronicle on the Future:

He will say: "You can come as you like, but you pay as you go..."

Video on Uposatha Observance:

Depicted in his penultimate life as deva in the Tusita (=The Contented) heaven. 

How to meet the next Buddha Metteyya?

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