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Much Good and little evil creates Human Being Rebirth!

Whether deva, asura or human beings, one is short-lived because of killing done in the past,
or long-lived because of avoidance of all killing in the past! Leprosy, wasting, fever, madness
and other diseases of human beings exist today because of past human evil of killing, harming
and chaining creatures... Whoever is a thief of others goods, and who gives nothing whatsoever,
will never acquire wealth, however much he works... Whoever takes wealth not given yet gives
gifts is reborn after death first wealthy, but then later poor... Any one who is neither a thief,
nor a giver, nor an exceeding miser can obtain lasting wealth, though only with great difficulty...
That man who is never a thief of others goods, quite generous, and free from miserliness easily
and swiftly obtains many rich possessions, which cannot be stolen... Whoever gives food is often
reborn in comfort, given long life, beauty and strength, is wise and avoids disease...
Whoever gives clothes is reborn beautiful, splendid, liked by all and receives much clothes and
ornaments... Whoever gives houses here with joyful heart, for that good being there, will arise
as a future deva in palaces rich in all possible pleasures of the senses... Whoever human offer
bridges, sandals and so on are always comfortable in the next life and they obtain the best of
vehicles and means of transport... Those who build freshwater wells, tanks, ponds are reborn
comfortable, free from heat, sweat and thirst... Whoever offers a garden, the refuge for all,
will be reborn worshipped with flowers, rich and glorious...
Erudition is obtained by giving knowledge, and wisdom by giving analysis... By giving medicine
and safety, one is reborn free from illness & danger... By giving lamps one becomes clear-sighted,
by giving musical sounds one becomes sweet-voiced, & by giving bed & seat one wins future ease...
Whoever here on earth gives milk, nutriments, vegetables and & edibles strengthening the body,
becomes strong, beautiful, wealthy and very old... By giving a girl one obtains sensual pleasures
and a future retinue... By giving land one is reborn as prosperous and rich in money and grain...
Whichever return is desired whether flowers, money, or beauty, then that itself should be given
to whoever wants it... Then one will get it! Whoever gives only for the egoistic purpose of later
gain spoils his gift. One who gives for the sake of divine rebirth, out of fear, for fame, or only
for own comfort, or with half-hearted unhappy motivation reaps a spoiled fruit...
Whoever gives something for the joy of others, full of sympathy, happy, genuinely altruistic,
warm-hearted, generous, not only for own good, reaps an unspoiled, fresh, and sweet fruit...
Anything whatsoever that is given to another at the proper time in the proper way returns
many-fold in many future lives in just the same way... Not oppressing others, giving at the right
time what is needed and desired, without spoiling the fruit by regretting, one can adorn oneself
with the future effects of such Noble giving, in fine harmony with the Dhamma...
Since there verily is winning of future fruit from gifts being well given, giving, and generosity
becomes the most important and proximate cause of all luxury that results from action.
Giving causes richness as effect!
Whoever keeps away from another's wife, will obtain a beautiful wife! Whoever with own wife
avoids the wrong place and time becomes a man! But that man, who does not stop his lust for
others wives, and who thus commits adultery becomes a homosexual if light, or woman if grave!
That woman who disgusts being female, is pure in moral, with little lust, and always longs for
manhood, will attain future manhood accordingly... Whoever rightly enters upon a reclusive
Noble life, all correct and pure, becomes blessed, wealthy, and adored even by the devas...
Avoiding drinking, drugs and inebriation one is reborn with clear memory, neither bewildered,
nor ever confused! A truthful person is reborn glorious, provided with great
ensured security..
Whoever causes no division, even between those already split, is reborn determined with many
faithful followers... Whoever always carries out the Teachers bidding in a joyful mind and who
teaches what is advantageous & what is detrimental, becomes one whose words are welcome...
One will be downed and humbled by disrespecting others, but elevated, and famed through
respecting those, who are worthy of respect. Those who enjoy contempt for others, who are
treacherous and untruthful, and who take great pride in their beauty become hunchbacks and
dwarves. Envying other's skills, one will become stupid... Unpleasant and rude to those who
are pleasant and polite, one becomes dumb and ugly. Whoever becomes angry at friendly words
is reborn deaf, mute and bewildered...
Generalizing: Having given good, one gets pleasure.
Having given evil bad, one gets suffering... Suffering is the resulting fruit of own bad behaviour,
while comfort, pleasure and ease is the fruit of own past admirable action! Most common is a
mixture of pleasure and pain as the resulted effect of a mixture of own past both good and bad
mental, verbal and bodily action... Know that every event match and accord with the actions that
caused it! All being and becoming is thus a sequential complexity of cause and effect playing out...
Just action and reaction. Only cause and effect.. This kamma and its fruit determines any future!

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Source (edited extract):
Pañcagatidīpanī  by Ashvaghosa and Saddhammaghosa: 11-12th century AC.
Translated by Ann A. Hazlewood. Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:

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