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Which Causes produces sure Human Failure?

Hiding in Neglect ..

Once at night a luminous deity radiating light came up to the Blessed One,
and after having greeted him with joined palms, asked this question:
What are the causes of human failure?
The Blessed Buddha then answered:
The successful one is easy to recognize: He admires the true Dhamma...
The failed one is also easy to
recognize: He despises the true Dhamma...
He admires evil men, and disregards good men. He approves of bad men's
and failed teaching. This is the main cause of the unsuccessful human!
Secondly if any human is fond of sleep, loving society, company, and party,
and does never employ, nor train himself, but is lazy, yet gets easily angry if
not now satisfied, then that are the causes of his inevitable human failure...
Thirdly: If anyone, although able to, does not support his mother or father
when they are old, then that is the cause of the unsuccessful human being.
Fourthly: If anyone by speaking falsely deceives a priest, recluse, or monk,
then that dishonesty is the cause of his collapse into the downfall of fiasco...
Finally: Anyone who is rich, yet never shares or gives anything to anyone,
whether poor or worthy, such miserly mean one also dives into disaster...
Sutta Nipata 91-102


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