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Dear Dhamma Friends & Supporters:
Your essential core website http://What-Buddha-Said.net has now happily gone all GREEEN
by proudly being webhosted by our new wind-energy-driven ISP greengeeks.com :-)

We furthermore wish to include daily hacker-scanning and vulnerability identification by sitelock.com
This necessary safety measure costs 135$ per year. Donation below for this crucial security is welcome :-)

The ongoing upgrade of the Micro-Hydro-Power plant here at the Hermitage is almost finalized!
See also:
The new transformers, rectifiers, regulators, dump-loads and second pipe-line have all been installed.
However the hydro-turbine impeller was
unexpectedly found to be worn paper-thin by sand & silt over
almost 5 years of continuous use. It can last only ~2 months more! Bearings was replaced without hazzle.
A new longer-lasting stainless steel Pelton impeller oa. hardware is thus now needed. 
Donations for this Noble Purpose facilitating the worldwide Daily Dhamma sharing
presently reaching out to a growing ~20.000 individuals+ is very Welcome below
. :-)
Quite Many Thanx in Advance!


The rest of the Cypress Hermitage's Solar and Hydro-power system photos are here:

Some pictures of the recent hydro-power upgrade process:


The Cypress Hermitage's Solar and Hydro-power photos are here:


Many Thanx in Advance!



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Bhikkhu Samāhita _/_ 

Many Thanx in Advance!

Micro-Hydro-Power and Green Webhosting Update!

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