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Purification by Knowledge & Vision of the Way!
As one repeats, develops and cultivates this equanimity about constructions,
faith becomes more resolute, energy better exerted, awareness much better
established, and mind better and deeper concentrated, as a consequence of,
that this equanimity around all phenomena and formations grows more refined..
This insight, leading to emergence, is called aloofness, which itself can eclipse
even the delicate unified equanimity gained from a subtle mental unification...
Experiencing disgust makes greed gradually fade away. With the fading away
of greed, clinging evaporates. One is thereby liberated by this mental release.
Purification by knowledge and vision of this way is the principal factor of purity!
It is conforming to what is mentally utterly unpolluted... It is for this precious
immaculate integrity, that this Noble life is lived under the Blessed Buddha!
DN III 288, MN I 139, 147, III 220

The Greatest Sage did thus proclaim:
This insight stilled, refined and purified!
This round of rebirth's abysmal pit of pain,
Is vast, entangling, deceptive and terrible!
Any wise man should strive all the best he can,
While hoping to gain emergence from all suffering.
Visuddhimagga 671

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Immaculate Integrity!

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