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Purity of Virtue is the root of Perfection!

His virtue is immaculate. His wearing the bowl and robe pleases and inspires trust.
His going forth will bear its fruit. A pure Bhikkhu never fears that self-reproach
will obsess and consume the mind, since there is indeed no darkness inside this sun...
A Bhikkhu of bright virtue shines forth even in the forest of reclusive ascetics,
by the radiance of his past deeds, just like the moon lights up the clear night sky...
Now if the body smell of purity a Bhikkhu can succeed in pleasing even the deities,
what then of the perfume of his virtue? It is a far more splendid scent than all the
other fine fragrances in the world, because the fragrance of pure morality spreads
unhindered in all directions! The favours done for a pure and virtuous one, even when
only a few, will bear great fruit! The pure one thus becomes a fountain of advantage!
No fetid fermentations plagues a virtuous one, since his ultra-pure behaviour dug out
the root of future suffering in lives to come. Excellence among humans and also even
among deities, if longed for, is not hard to gain for one whose morality is perfected!
However, when ethics is fully perfected, then mind seeks only the supreme Nibbāna:
The state where utterly pure peace prevails! Such is the blessed fruit of clean virtue,
ethics, rectitude, goodness, integrity, righteousness and high-mindedness: It awards
fulfilment, so let a wise one know it well: This root of all the branches of perfection!

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