The Udana, the third book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, offers a rich collection of short suttas, each of which culminates in a short verse uttered by the Buddha. Altogether there are eighty suttas, arranged in eight vaggas, or chapters.

The translator appears in the square brackets []. The braces {} contain the starting page number in the PTS romanized Pali edition.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu's complete translation, Udana: Exclamations (2012) is available as a PDF [PDF icon].

1. Bodhivagga — The Chapter About Awakening  

2. Muccalindavagga — The Chapter About Muccalinda  

3. Nandavagga — The Chapter About Nanda  

4. Meghiyavagga — The Chapter About Meghiya  

5. Sonavagga — The Chapter About Sona  

6. Jaccandhavagga — Blind from Birth  

7. Culavagga — The Minor Chapter  

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