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The Gradual Collection of Numerical Sayings: Ańguttara Nikāya

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I The Book of Ones (Ekaka-Nipāta):

        1: Form AN.I.1-2 The sexual obsession with various forms, sounds, smells, tastes & touches. [Video] [Audio]
        2: Hindrance AN.I.3-4 The five mental obstructions that blocks progress towards freedom.
[Video] [Audio]
        3: Useless AN.I.5-6 The untrained & unrefined monkey mind is the greatest of all dangers. [Video]
        4: Untamed AN.I.6-7 The instinctive & primitive wild type mind brings many & great pains.
        5: Directed, Pointed & Clear AN.I.8-10 Naturally luminous but veiled by defilement is this mind.
        6: The Finger-Snap AN.I.10-11 Even minor right effort makes an advantageous difference.









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