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The Internal Bath that opens into Prime Divinity!

Buddha once said to Nandaka, the Licchavi minister .
Nandaka, a Noble Disciple, who possesses four things is a Stream-Enterer,
who is no longer bound to the lower world, who is fixed in destiny, who has
won enlightenment as his assured future destination. What four things?
Nandaka, any Noble Disciple has unshakable Faith in the Three Jewels thus:
1: Worthy, honourable and perfectly self-Enlightened is the Buddha indeed! ...
2: Perfectly formulated is the Dhamma, visible right here and now, immediate ...

3: Perfectly training is this Noble Sangha of the Buddha's Noble disciples...

4: A Noble possesses Morality esteemed by the Noble Ones: Unbroken, pure...
Any Noble Disciple, who is endowed with these 4 things is a Stream-Enterer,
no longer bound to the painful worlds, fixed in destiny, with enlightenment as
his certain future destination. Furthermore, Nandaka, a Noble Disciple who
possesses these four things gains a very long life, whether Divine or human!
He becomes endowed with exquisite bodily beauty, whether Divine or human!
He becomes one who enjoys content happiness, whether Divine or human!
He becomes a winner of respect, honour and fame, whether Divine or human!
He gains the overseeing authority of sovereign power, whether Divine or human!
I explain this to you, Nandaka, not having heard it from any recluse or priest!
Rather, I tell you just what I have known, seen, and understood directly myself!
When this was said, a man said to Nandaka, the minister of the Licchavis:
"It is time for your bath, Sir." Who promptly responded: Enough now, I say,
with that fake external bath... This internal bath will suffice, namely:
Firm, assured, confirmed, and confident conviction in this Blessed One...


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