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No one Other can ever Save You!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Make an island of yourself. Be lamp and light for yourself,
Make yourself your refuge: There is no other refuge!

Make the Dhamma your island: Make the Dhamma your lamp & light,
Make the Dhamma your refuge: There is no other refuge!
Dīgha Nikāya 2.165

No Other
By self alone, is harm done.
By self alone, does one suffer from own evil.
By self alone, is harm left undone.
By self alone, is one purified & thereby saved.
Both destruction and salvation is the work of oneself.
No-one can purify another...
Dhammapada Illustration 165 Background Story 165

Sole Saviour:
Self is indeed self's only saviour! Who else can save you?
With oneself well tamed, one gains a saviour otherwise
hard to find.
Dhammapada Illustration 160 Background Story 160

Neither giving up seclusion, nor neglecting meditation,
Constantly living according to the Dhamma, yet still amongst all
the flickering phenomena of this world, and understanding the danger
inherent in this existence itself! One should wander solitary as
a rhinoceros horn. Sutta-Nipāta I.3 verse 69

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Make Yourself into an Island and Lamp!

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