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Sparse and short pleasure, but long Tribulation!

Pleasures obtained by contact at the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or the mind
all fade away and vanish instantly, right when their contact ceases! They are all:
Like a drop of honey on the edge of a razor blade: Short joy, but much later pain!
Like a show seen in a flash of lightening: Momentary and exceedingly brief...
Like a drink made thin and tasteless: Dissatisfying, frustrating and disappointing!
Like food all rotten inside or poisoned: Afflicting and causing many problems later!
Like a baited hook: First juicy, later torturing and tormenting and finally fatal!
Like an inner prison: Encaging, punishing, bonding, addicting and making fully mad!
Like sleeping in an enemy's village: Dangerous, hazardous, treacherous and risky!
Like a burning hollow tree: Agitated inside, feverish, frantic, and violently painful!
Like a chain of dry naked bare bones: Not healing any hunger, without any nutrition!
Like many days of drinking only salt water: Worsening any thirst and dehydrating!
Please note the ceasing of sensation, whenever sensing and remember this danger!
This is the primary hindrance to break, the first flood to cross: Sense-Desire!

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