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 Learning the Five Grades of Mental Purity:

Initially the Noble Learner temporarily disables the mental hindrances
and bindings by "Substitution by the Opposite" using insight. Lust is thus
temporarily substituted by disgust, anger by friendliness, restlessness
by calm, laziness by energy, and doubt is substituted by certainty.

Later the Noble Learner temporarily overcomes the mental hindrances
and bindings by "Suppression" by entering one-pointed Jhāna absorption of
concentration, which is unmixed, unpolluted, and untainted by hindrances.

Later the Noble Learner permanently eliminates another fraction of the
hindrances and bindings by "Cutting Off" at reaching path-moment of the
Stream-entry, Once-Returner, Non-Returner and Arahant (Magga) state.

Later the Noble Learner permanently eliminates the remaining fraction
of hindrances by effortless "Calming" at reaching the fruition-moment of
the Stream-entry, Once-Returner, Non-Returner and Arahant (Phala) state.

Finally the Noble Learned irreversibly leaves behind all mental hindrances
and bindings by
"Escape" into the unconditioned and unconditional element
of Nibbāna, without remaining traces of either clinging, or other fuel...

Take Home: Substitution => Suppression => Cut Off => Calming => Escape!

More on Withdrawal (Nekkhamma):

More on Relinquishment:
Leaving_All_Behind, Free_from_Fear, Not_Resisting_Anything, Violent_Fear

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga. 5th century AC.

Nothing is Worth Clinging to...

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