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The Way to Divine Mental Liberation:

If one speaks the truth, is not angry, and gives when asked, even when
one has
only a little, one will win a divine future state...
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The homeless sages, always restrained, in both body and behaviour,
finally pass to the deathless state, where sorrow exists not...
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Those who are always aware and awake;
Training day and night, intent only on Nibbāna,
their mental fermentations gradually evaporate...
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When Devas was asked what good deeds they had done here on earth
that caused them to be reborn in the happy dimension in which they live,
they gave different answers: Speaking the truth, restraining anger,
leaving hatred, listening to the Dhamma, charitable gifts of goods and
wealth, even giving small gifts of fruit and vegetables to a pure Bhikkhu
are among the answers. Even if we are poor, and have only a most modest
gift to offer to the Noble Sangha of Bhikkhus, such gifts are extremely
meritorious! Their probability-elevation is increased by the time-infinity
of the Sangha as an infinite institution solely aimed at setting beings free.. 

In order for us to never return to the petty world in which we are now living,
we must become a faith-devotee, a faith-liberated one, a body-witness,
a both-ways-liberated one, a Dhamma-devotee, a vision-attainer, or
a wisdom-liberated one, or finally a fully awakened Arahant!

The Buddha taught us to be “always alert and ever aware" so that we may
attain Arahatship, become liberated from all suffering, while here, and thus
obtain the benefits of never having to re-experience rebirth, old age, sickness,
and death ever again! He insisted that we must train both day and night,
during all activities, in order to reach the supreme, blissful, rapturous, quenched,
satiated, stilled and calm state rightly named

With Metta, the Lay Disciple: Jonathan

On mental Release (Vimokkha, Vimutti):

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Released Liberation..

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