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The Clusters of Clinging are Unsubstantial!

The Buddha once said about the fleeting aspects of reality:
Form is like a lump of foam, feeling is like a water bubble, perception is like
a mirage, constructions like a hollow tree, and consciousness like an illusion!
Just a coreless appearance! However one may reflect over it, and carefully
investigate it. When one views it cautiously: It appears but empty and void!
Pointing at this body The One of Broad Wisdom has taught that if only three
things are lacking, one will have to leave this fragile frame, ditched all behind:
If metabolism, heat and consciousness depart from this physical body, then it
lies there, cast away again: Unconscious food for others.. This illusion, beguiler
of vain fools. It is similar to a serial killer. Neither a substance, nor any safety.
A Bhikkhu with aroused enthusiasm looks upon these 5 clusters of clinging in
exactly this ultra-realistic way: Disgusted, both day & night! Ever aware, calmly
& clearly comprehending! He should eliminate all mental chains, thereby making
his own island! Thereby becoming his own protector, refuge, lamp and light!
Let him train as with his head ablaze with fire yearning only for the everlasting
deathless state!

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya III 142-3 Full Text:

Like Foam and Bubbles!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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