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Luminous, but veiled by alien defilement is the Mind:

The exalted Buddha once said:
Friends, I know of no other single thing, so quickly changing as this swift mind,
insofar as it is not easy to find just one other phenomena changing equally fast..
Shining bright, friends, is this mind, yet it is obstructed by external defilements.
Naturally luminous, is that pure mind, when it is safely released and freed from
these alien impurities. Innately radiant is this mind, though it is soiled by these
accumulated foreign obscurations. This, the ordinary unlearned persons cannot
understand as it really is.. I tell you, that is why uneducated ordinary persons
neither meditate, nor develop mentally. Luminous is that mind, friends, when it is
purified and released from these fermented pollutions. This does the learned Noble
disciple fully understand as it really is. I tell you, that is why that educated Noble
disciple develops and steadily improves mentally by training meditation regularly...

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Source: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha: Ańguttara Nikāya I 8-11:

Luminous is the Mind ..

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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