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Mind is the Maker, Creator and the Selector!

The blessed Buddha once said:
Mind precedes and initiates all phenomena! Mind is their chief, mind is their maker...
When one speaks or performs an action with a mind, that is internally all pure,
then happiness and pleasure follows, like a shadow that never departs...
Dhammapada 1

Difficult to detect and very subtle, mind can seize upon any object instantly,
so let any wise being guard the mind, since a guarded mind brings happiness...
Dhammapada 36

Neither mother, nor father, nor any other family member can do greater good, both for oneself,
and for others as well, than the well directed, and well controlled mind... Dhammapada 43

What is Mind?
Mind is an ever repeating hyper-cycle sequence of:
Contact1 => Feeling1 + Perception1 => Intention1 => Attention1 redirected => Object2
New Contact2 =>  Feeling2 + Perception2 => Intention2 => Attention2 redirected => etc.
Stilling this frantic cycle produces Peace and Bliss! This serene Tranquillity is called:

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Magnificent is the Luminous Mind!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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