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Can an Almighty God, or Divine Power ever save you?

>Can one be saved by an Almighty God, or a Divine Power?

India has always had two holy traditions:

Priests, who by rituals and worship of assumed almighty 'gods', and high 'divinities'
believe that they can be saved by these divine other-powers, which they then blindly rely on.
Depending thus on something they cannot see, or ever contact their foggy search is folly and
therefore fruitless, and thus ultimately useless insofar as it does not alleviate any suffering..

No Brahmana have ever – so far reported  – reached any Noble state...That is, come within 7
rebirths of Nibbāna. No Brahmana have ever – so far reported – reached
Nibbāna ...
No Brahmana, priest, guru, swami this or that will ever reach
Nibbāna ! So be it (sic...)

Recluses, who only trust themselves, and the fact that every-one has to purify and
thereby save themselves by themselves only. They utilize an intense tried and tested method
of meditation and study under guidance of a teacher, who usually is a self-awakened Buddha. 

There are gods (devas) out there. But they cannot save U or anyone else...
So there is no need or gain by looking 'out there' after an
'almighty saviour'...
Rather moral and mental purification can only emerge by looking inward...!
One has to do this crucial job oneself! Most can only do it by taking a Teacher,
who is either a Noble, or an advanced Buddhist... Not so easy, yet possible to find...

The blessed Buddha Gotama once said:

By self alone, is harm done.
By self alone, is harm left undone.
By self alone, does one suffer from own evil.
By self alone, is one purified and thereby saved.
Both destruction and salvation is the work of oneself.
No-one can purify another!
Dhammapada Illustration 165 Background Story 165

Self is indeed self's only saviour! Who or what else can save you?
With oneself well tamed, one gains a saviour hard to find
Dhammapada Illustration 160 Background Story 160

Make an island for yourself. Strive quickly now in exerting effort.
Be the wise one. Not a naive fool... When your defilements is cleared
and you have freed yourself from evil passions: Never will you again find
any womb. Never again will you be ageing! Never will you again be dying!
Dhammapada Illustration 238 Background Story 235-238

Make an island of yourself, haste to exert effort, be clever.
When your mental defilements have been cleaned & you have
cleared yourself of passion, then yours will be the divine state
of exquisite choice.
Dhammapada Illustration 236 Background Story 235-238

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Make an island of yourself!
Be your own Lamp..
There is no other safety

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