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How does one gain the Divine All-Seeing Eye?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Which concentration, Bhikkhus, when practised and developed often will lead
to gaining the divine eye that entails a vast understanding (dibba-cakkhu) ?
When the Bhikkhu reflects on experiencing light, fixes his mind on this perception
of daylight, always, both at day-time, and also at night! In this way, with a wakeful
and stainless mind, he develops a state of luminous consciousness fully saturated by
this bright radiant inner mental light.. This concentration, when developed and well
practised indeed leads to the attainment of the eye of understanding (dibba-cakkhu) ...

Visuddhimagga XIII, 95 says that this luminous state of mind is a prerequisite
condition for reaching the knowledge of the divine eye. This enlightening training
also evaporates all Lethargy-and-Laziness. One cannot be drowsy under inner light..

The divine eye may gain its enhanced range, penetration and zoom-ability
from cerebral proteins becoming sensitive to the energy of the wave
undulations of electromagnetic radiation outside the visible spectrum.
The range may further be magnified by quantum-mechanical non-locality.     



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