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1. Maniakkhi, Maniakkhika. A Nāga king of Kalyāni, maternal uncle of Mahodara.

He came to take part in the battle between Mahodara and Cūlodara, and having heard the Buddha preach on that occasion, begged him to visit his kingdom. The Buddha agreed, and, three years later went to Kalyāni in the eighth year after the Enlightenment on the full moon day of Vesākha. The Nāga entertained him and his five hundred monks on the spot where, later, the Kalyāni cetiya was built. Mhv.i.63ff.; xv.162; Dpv. ii.42, 52; it is said that Manikkhika went to Jambudīpa to bring the Buddha to Ceylon (MT.111). According to the Extended Mahāvamsa (i.700) he was the uncle (mātula) of Mahodara.

2. Maniakkhika. The youngest of the three sons of Mahātīssa and Sanghasivā. Cv.xlv.40.

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