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Contemplating the Qualities of the Buddha:

Worthy, honourable and perfectly self-Enlightened is the Buddha!
Consummated in knowledge and behaviour, totally transcended,
expert in all dimensions, knower of all worlds, unsurpassable trainer
of those who can be tamed, both teacher and guide of gods as well as of
humans, blessed, exalted, awakened and enlightened is the Buddha!

When a bhikkhu is devoted to this recollection of the Buddha, he is respectful and
deferential towards the Master. He attains fullness of faith, awareness, understanding
and merit. He has much happiness and gladness. He conquers fear and dread. He is able
to endure pain. He comes to feel as if he were living in the Master's presence...!
And his body, when
dwelling in this recollection of the Buddha's special qualities, becomes
worthy of veneration, just
as like a fine shrine room. His mind tends towards the sphere
of the Buddhas. When he encounters an opportunity for transgression, he then attains acute
awareness of conscience and shame as vivid as though he were face to face with the Master.
If he penetrates no higher, he is at least headed for a happy destiny!

Now when a man is truly wise,
His constant task will surely be:
This recollection of the Buddha,
Blessed with such mighty potency.
Visuddhimagga I 213

Remembering these perfectly Well Gone Ones (Sammā-SamBuddhas):

In the Master's Presence!

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