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Harming none All Beings may become Happy!

The endangered Purple Faced Leaf Langur Monkey plays here!

       How to safely, gently and harmlessly relocate a Viper.

This species is probably Wall's hump-nosed pit viper (Hypnale walli)

More on Happy Harmlessness (Ahimsā) = Non-Violence:
Harmlessness_and_Tolerance, Patient_is_Tolerance, Not_Killing, Never_Kill,
Bon_Benevolence, Kamma_leading_to_short_&_long_life, Genuine_Goodwill,
Blessing_all_Beings_by_Bliss, May_all_be_Happy, Optimal_Observance_I,
Unsurpassable_Radiance, Selfless_and_Harmless,
Happy_Harmlessness, Holy_Harmlessness!

May all Beings become Happy thus!

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