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The Basic Duality is Name-&-Form...

The Blessed Buddha once explained mentality-materiality like this:
So, Bhikkhus, for the fool, who is blinded by ignorance and obsessed by
craving, there re-arises this body. Now this body with its 6 senses sources
makes a duality: name-&-form, which is a union of mentality-&-materiality...
Due to this duality there is contact. Touched and stirred by contact the
fool feels pleasure and pain. Bhikkhus, craving increases in any being who
dwells seeing enjoyment in things productive of pleasure! With craving as
condition, there is clinging. Clinging is the condition causing becoming.
By becoming is there birth. Thus re-arises a new body also with 6 senses.
With birth as condition the cycle of ageing, sickness and death, sorrow,
lamentation and despair is thus renewed once again. Such is therefore
the origin of this entire mass of suffering....  (SN II 23-4, 84)

Name-and-Form is a duality of two joined phenomena travelling through time
together, just like 2 persons, who is travelling along together in the same boat:

Take-2-in-1: Mind and Matter is superimposed!
Name (~=mind) can be likened to a man with good eyes, but without legs...
Mind can understand everything, but not itself move even a grain of sand!
Form (~=body) materiality can be likened to a blind man with strong legs.
Matter and Body cannot see or understand anything, but can lift a stone...
Name-and-form, mind-and-matter, mentality-materiality joined together
becomes very effective, just like if the seeing yet crippled man rides on
the shoulders of the blind man directing him about: Go this/that way & stop...
Mind is like the ghost in the bottle: Imprisoned, unconnected and powerless...
Matter is like a robot with the power turned off: Blind, dumb and frozen...
Mind joined with matter however comes to life! Now both seeing and moving!

On Duality of Mind-&-Matter, Mentality-Materiality, Naming & Forming: 
Nāma-Rūpa, The Core Duality, The Siamese Twins

Name and Form...

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