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How to Cut the 5 Minor Mental Chains?

Friends, how does one cut the 5 minor mental chains of:


Identity, ego and personality belief.


Skeptical doubt in Buddha's Awakening.


Superstitious clinging to rule and ritual.


Greed, desire, lust and attraction.


Hate, anger, irritation and aversion.  

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
In whatever situation or mental state one enters, whether high or low,
whether fine or foul, whether subtle or gross, whether far or near,
one knows, notes, reflects upon & remembers the facts exactly like this:
'Whatsoever herein is form, feeling, perception, mental construction, &
bare consciousness, all this is impermanent, transient, passing, unstable,
decaying, and vanishing; all this is miserable, painful, ill, a thorn, a tumor,
a disaster, a torture, and a burning pit; all this is remote, alien, impersonal,
ownerless, void of stable substance and keepable entity, completely empty
of any self-ego-me-I-mine-identity-or-any-personality...'
One thereby re-directs mind away from those unsafe phenomena and turns
it towards the freedom of the Deathless Dimension: NibbAna  just like this:
'But this is peace, the supreme stilling of all construction, relinquishing of
all acquisitions, the sublime release of all clinging, the calming of all craving,
disgust, disillusion, ceasing of all noise, perception and sensation, NibbAna...'
Firmly established in this safe mode of reflection, one either eliminates the
mental fermentations completely and thus attains NibbAna - here and now -
in this very life, or if not that, then one is reborn spontaneously in the pure
abodes, the pure lands, the pure realms, the pure spheres,
of fine material,
where one clears the 5 lower fetters - the 5 minor mental chains - & attains
NibbAna from there, without ever returning to this world from that level...

The Moderated Speeches by the Buddha. Majjhima Nikāya 64 [I 435-7]

PS: The 'Pure Land' (SukhaVati) Buddhism of today may thus have begun from
what the Buddha early & originally called 'The Pure Abodes' (SuddhaVasa):

How to Cut these 2 sets of Five Mental Chains or Fetters (Samyojana) see:

Cutting the 5 minor Chains!

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