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NibbAna is the Highest Happiness, and Peace..

The Buddha once said about Nibbāna: The Uncreated Dimension:
That, truly, is peace, this is the absolute supreme, namely, the end of every
kammic formation, the final stilling of all mental construction,  the letting go
and leaving behind of any substrate for rebirth and all fuel for becoming,
the fading away of all craving, and the relinquishing of all forms of clinging,
silencing, stilling, ceasing, Nibbāna....
AN 3:32

Enraptured, ensnared and obsessed with greed, lust, urge and desire, or
enraged with hate, fuming with anger, stirred by ill will and irritation, or
blinded by ignorance, agitated by confusion, and fooled by delusion, thus
overwhelmed, with a mind entangled, one aims at own ruin, at the ruin of
others, at the ruin of both, and one experiences frustration and suffering!
But if lust, hate, and ignorance are eliminated, one aims neither at own ruin,
nor at the ruin of others, nor at the ruin of both, and one experiences neither
any mental frustration, nor any pain, nor any grief! Thus is Nibbāna immediate,
visible even in this life, inviting, captivating,
fascinating and comprehensible
for any intelligent and wise being.
AN 3:55
The elimination of all Greed, the stilling of all Hate, the eradication
of all Ignorance: This quenching, indeed, is the true Nibbāna.
SN 38:1

For him, who has completed this journey.
For him, who is untouched by any pain or sorrow.
For him, who is in every way wholly freed.
For him, who has broken all chains.
For such one, no Suffering is ever Possible!
Dhammapada 90 Background Story

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