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No Being exists apart from Mentality-Materiality...

There is no "person" neither inside, nor outside the duality of Name-and-Form:

Feeling, perception, mental construction, and consciousness defines all Mentality. 
The 4 primary elements: Solidity, fluidity, heat and motion defines all Materiality.
After defining mentality-materiality one can leave the common concept of "a being"
and "a person" more thoroughly, since these now are seen more realistically only as
compounded accumulated collections of mentality-and-materiality, name-&-form...
Strictly speaking: This is just mentality-materiality, there is neither being, nor person!

As the Blessed Buddha expressed it at various levels of generalization:
As with the assembly of parts, the designation "cart" emerges as conceptualized.
So, when the 5 clusters of clinging are present, "a being" is named by convention...
SN I 135

Just as when a part of space is enclosed with timber and bricks, there comes to be
the term "house", so too, when a space is enclosed with bones, sinews, flesh, fat,
and skin, there comes into being the designation "body". MN I 190

It is Suffering (Dukkha)  alone that arises, Suffering that remains, Suffering that vanishes!
Nothing else than Suffering arises, and nothing else than Suffering ceases...SN I 135

This is mere mentality-materiality, there is no being, no person, no substance!

On this enigmatic impersonality and core-lessness of all phenomena: No-Self (
Ego-Projection, First I-dentification then Enmity!, Ego-Projection,
The Egoless, The Anatta Doctrine, Anatta No Self,

Neither Person, nor Substance ...

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