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No "I"-dentification with the Sense-inputs leads to Bliss!

Touched by contact, while fully aware and clearly comprehending, the learned and well trained
Noble Disciple correctly understands it as it really is: By the sensitivity of these 6 senses:
The eye, ear, the nose, the tongue, the body and the mind, there emerges momentary contact..
From this contact arises instantly both sensation, perception, feeling, and experience!
All this is momentary, is blinking, and transient. What is momentary, blinking, and transient is
impermanent. This evanescence is always and inevitably lost, & is ultimately thus only suffering...
What is impermanent and suffering cannot ever be any self! Therefore a Noble Disciple knows:
"This is not mine", "This is not what I am", "This is not My Self"...  Neither do thoughts of "I am",
nor "I am this", nor "I am that", nor "This is Mine", nor "In the future I will be this, or that..."
ever occur to such Noble One... Thus not identifying  with anything, such one does not cling to
anything, whether internal or external. Therefore, when whatever he does not identify with
changes, decays, fades away, and finally vanishes, no panic arises in him, he still remains quite
unperturbed, detached, while always fully aware and continuously clearly comprehending:
"Here there is only this inevitable change! All these constructions will unavoidably fall apart!"...
Not clinging means complete mental release! Release gives supreme freedom! Freedom induces
stilled ease of peace. Peace entails sublime bliss.. This - exactly this - is the end of Suffering!
Nibbāna ...!

A simple similarity:

Just because a computer has different inputs from the mouse, keyboard, hard-disk,
microphone and internet does not itself place an "Ego", nor deposit an "I", nor imbed any
 "Me" somewhere hidden inside the electronic circuits!
The notion "Receiving and processing data inputs, "I-Ego" thereby am..." is thus quite false...
No computer possesses a self. All computers are impersonal, void of identity, ego and soul.

Exactly so with any sentient being having 6 sense inputs from the eye, the ear, the nose,
the tongue, the body and the mind, this does not itself place an "Ego", nor deposit an "I",
nor imbed any inherent "Me" somewhere hidden inside this body frame!
The notion "Perceiving and feeling sensory contact, "I" thereby am..." is also quite false...
No sentient beings possesses a self. All beings are impersonal, void of identity, ego & self!

The best way to comprehend No-Self (anatta) is to begin with observing and reflecting on
Impermanence (anicca) and Suffering (dukkha).  Then eventually one comes to understand:
Whatever is always otherwise and never the same, is never identical & can never be an identity,
a self... Whatever is always ultimately suffering cannot be under the control of any self, since
if it were, then this self would by this self-control change it into something pleasant and happy.
But no imaginary self can do that, since it is not in full control.  If a "self" is not in full control
of even "itself" (fully autonomic) it cannot be any true self, but just conditions that plays out
their cause and effect... Impersonal momentary mental and material states arising and ceasing...

More on this deepest self-deception: The conceit that "I Am!" (Asmi-mana):


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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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