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Any Clinging to Wrong Views is Catastrophic!

Buddha often emphasized wrong view as thee most detrimental:
When one has imagined, assumed, constructed, approved of and authorized
Wrong Views and opinions, then one is relying on what is
unstable and unsafe!
Clinging to these long cherished wrong views, are not easily relinquished...
One adheres to these persuasions having chosen them from among many
hypothetical ideas, laying down one assumption, just to take up a another
new fancy theory! A purified man, however, does indeed not form any view
about anything anywhere! H
e is not involved..! Having cut out all deceptions
illusions and conceits, w
here could such a clear-sighted man ever be driven?
An involved person, however, engages easily in disputes about opposed ideas,
but how can one ever dispute with one, who is not involved? He has neither
taken up, nor laid down anything, but has shaken off having any view at all..
Sutta-Nipāta 784-787 Edited excerpt.

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