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Who is it that lives these many lives?

It is not any Who... !
Since selfless is this flux of ever renewed becoming!
The question should therefore be reformulated as:

Question: What is it, that lives these many lives?

Answer: It is an accumulated and ever changing group of:
1: Momentary clinging to form;
2: Momentary clinging to feeling;
3: Momentary clinging to perception;
4: Momentary clinging to mental construction;
5: Momentary clinging to consciousness...
That itself blinded by ignorance and obsessed by craving,
tumbles through these many, many, painful lives and deaths!
It is not an "I", "Me", "Self", "Soul", "Person", or any  "Identity"!

A Cluster Clinging to itself!

These 5 Clusters of Clinging (Khandha)  are the 5 types of Being!

As the blessed Buddha pointed out:
Sabbe Dhammā Anattā
All States are no-self!

There is nobody home... ;-)

Not Who, but What?

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