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The 8 Advantages of contemplating Dissolution:

When one continually notes the breakup of all constructions, then contemplation
of Dissolution grows strong and habitual.. This brings these 8 advantages into being:

1: Elimination of false view of permanence, constancy and eternal (re)becoming.
2: Letting go of attachment to life itself, and any form of being in existence..
3: Constant and continuous improvement of the mental release...
Victory both over any attraction and any aversion.
Purified livelihood and morality.
6: Patience and gentleness.
7: Freedom from anxiety.
8: Absence of fear!

Regarding which the Ancient Elders remarked:
On realizing these 8 perfect qualities, one comprehends the frail constructions fully,
Continually Noting their Breakup in order to swiftly attain the Deathless State of Bliss,
as urgent as the Sage with a burning turban. SN 56:34 [V,440]

Noting the Dissolution..

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