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One single idea can indeed Enlighten!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, there is one particular idea, when a Bhikkhu
rightly disgusts this single scheme,
rightly detaches from this distinct concept,
rightly releases mentally from this sole dependence,
rightly sees the final end of this universal condition,
having rightly and thoroughly understood this unique idea,
then he is one, who makes an end of suffering in this very life!
What is this one particular idea?
All Beings are sustained by Fuel!
When a Bhikkhu rightly disgusts, detaches, & releases from this reliance,
and rightly sees the end of this phenomenon by complete comprehension,
then he ends all suffering right there and then!


The 4 fold Fuel (Āhāra) any process of being burns upon are:
1. Material Food (kabalinkarahara), which maintains the body.
2. Sense Contact (phassa), which feeds feeling and perception.
3. Intention (mano-sañcetana), which constructs kammic rebirth.
4. Consciousness (viññana), which sustains renewal of consciousness.

This 'fire' of being, of existence is caused by these 5 clusters of clinging:

1: The Cluster of Clinging to Form...

2: The Cluster of Clinging to Feeling...

3: The Cluster of Clinging to Perception...

4: The Cluster of Clinging to Construction...
5: The Cluster of Clinging to Consciousness...
This process is thereby kept burning, since it is sustained by this 4 fold flow of fuel...
Nibbāna (Sanskrit: Nirvāna), which literally means 'blown out' like a candle,
is only reached by extinguishing this fire of being, by denying it new fuel...
When all fuel is burned up, any fire stops and becomes peacefully cool!
Yeah :-)


The Fire of becoming is Suffering!

Source (edited extract):
The Numerical  Sayings of the Buddha. Ańguttara Nikāya. [AN V:50-51]

One idea: Fuel!

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