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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


It comes in by One hole, yet it oozes out of 9 holes!

The Ancient Elders said:
The tasty food and drink, so greatly prized Crisp to chew, soft and juicy to suck:
Through one door, a single hole, it is loaded in. Through nine holes it later oozes out.
The delicious drink, the dainty food, hard, soft, whatever it may be:
Man like to enjoy in crowded company, yet, when excreting it, he hides in secrecy!
The delightful drink, the delicate food, hot, cold, of many and various tastes:
Man may enjoy, pleased with full delight, yet, when excreting it, he feels disgust.
The adored drink, the pleasing food, crunchy or pulpy, whatever it may be:
The whole, even after just one single night, will all become putrid, fetid and stinking....


Inevitable side-effect of uncontrolled greed for food.

More on disabling the craving, urge, and greed for food:


500 kg suffering from eating too much sense-pleasure...!

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga. XI 23
Written by a great explainer: Ven. Buddhaghosa in 5th century AC.


Nearly 1/3 of the humans are obese!

Oozing out of nine holes!

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