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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


What are the 8 Precepts, which brings Divinity?

The Blessed Buddha once said:

The habitual praxis of the observance day endowed with eight features brings high reward and blessing,
and is of sublime dignity and greatness! And which are these eight features? In this, any Noble Disciple
considers within himself: Throughout their life the Arahats avoid all alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine,
and liquor! May I also, this day and night, avoid alcoholic and intoxicating drinks... By that I will follow
the track and traits of the perfected Arahats! I shall then have observed the Uposatha observance day
perfectly! With this fifth praxis is the observance day enriched. Observed in this very way, the observance
day endowed with eight features brings high - even divine - reward and blessing and is of sublime dignity
and immense greatness...

The not innocent fluid down-the-drain-brain happy-Killer: King Alcohol!

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is often a need for tranquilization! The side-effects are much worse
than the restlessness they cure... Drinking and drugging - though pleasant - leads to lazy carelessness...
This lax neglect of the real world problems are often catastrophic! Bodily decay, social isolation and
steady fall is inevitable, though often violently denied or actively ignored by the addicted person...
Compared to the calm bliss of meditation is drugged sedation banal! Many addicted persons may have
experienced the serene bliss of deep meditative states in an earlier life and is thus now prone to
search for, and become addicted to a similar chemical calm, which however is a blurred haze lacking
the cool, calm,  transparent and mesmerizing clarity of meditation., which invokes assured insight..

Tobacco => Lung-cancer and Marijuana => lazy no-brain zombie!  

Audio: Moral Purity is Prime Podcast:

More on this common self-destructive behaviour: Drinking and Drugging:

Ecstasy and Cocaine: High Tempo, but No genuine Emotions...

More on this Optimal Buddhist Uposatha Day Observan

Drugs, Booze, Pills, Cocaine, Marijuana, and Tobacco Addiction are all a Chemical Calm Calamity!

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 8:44

Synthetic Serenity spells Death!

Clean is Cool: Neither Drinking, nor Drugging!

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