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Craving as the Origin of Suffering accumulates Kamma!

Wherever there is craving, may also arise envy, jealousy, anger, hate,
and many other evil selfish states causing much suffering and misery!
All these impulsive actions, and their painful fruitions long time after,
are ultimately rooted in blindness, neglect and ignorance (avijjā)...
The Second Noble Truth: Craving also explains the cause of the many
seeming social injustices both in society & in nature, by insisting on
that nothing in this world can come into existence without a cause...
All beings destiny and quality of life are caused by their own latent
tendencies in an endless sequence of former states of existence...
These causes are past action or activities (kamma, Sanskrit: karma)
produced by body, speech, & mind. It is thus this 3-fold action that
determines the character & destiny of all beings and not injustice!
More exactly defined, kamma denotes those good & evil intentions
which causes rebirth & shapes future destinies. The process of ever
new becoming (bhava) consists therefore of an active & conditioning
kamma creation (kamma-bhava), and its result: Renewed Rebirth...
By 'rebirth' is here meant both the 'rebirth' of the next moment of
consciousness and the next birth into a new existence after death!
Here, too, when considering kamma, one must not lose sight of the
utterly impersonal nature (anattatā) of this process of becoming!
As in the case of a storm-swept sea, it is not an identical wave that
hastens over the surface of the ocean, but it is the rising & falling
of quite different masses of water... In quite same way should it be
understood, that there are no real 'ego-entities' hastening through
this ocean of rebirth, but merely 'life'-waves, arising and ceasing,
which, according to their good and evil nature manifest themselves
here as humans, there as animals, and elsewhere as invisible beings!
Once more it may be emphasized here that, correctly speaking, the
term kamma=karma signifies only the intentional action itself, &
does not include this action's later effects & results (vipāka)...

The Blessed Buddha once said:
There will come a time when the mighty oceans will dry up, vanish,
and exist no more (like on mars!)... There will come a time when the
mighty earth will be devoured by fire, perish, and cease to exist...
But yet there will be no end to the suffering of sentient beings,
who blinded & obstructed by ignorance and ensnared by craving,
are hurrying & hastening through this round of rebirths.
SN 22:99

Source: (edited excerpts): Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahāthera.
The Word of the Buddha: https://www.pariyatti.com/book_404201.html
On intentional Action = Kamma & resulting effects (vipāka):

Craving: Origin of Suffering causes Kamma!

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