Gotama Buddha explained this about the Pacceka-Buddhas!

The muni Vedeha (Ānanda) bowing his body, asked the Tathagata, who was
staying at the Jetavana monastery:  Pacceka-Buddhas exist, yet by what reasons
do they arise, 0h wise one? Then the best of the omniscient, the great wise one
told the following to Ānanda in a sweet calm voice:

Those who paid honour to all former Buddhas, without attaining liberation
during the period in which their teaching was known, who are wise by means
of sense of urgency, whose intelligence is very sharp, also without the
instruction of Buddhas, these attain insight alone even by means of a tiny
limited object of meditation... And furthermore, in this whole world, there
is no one except me, equal to these Pacceka-Buddhas. I shall clearly express
the following, only a short description of the fine distinction of these great
heroic Munis (silenced ones)...

Listen, all of you, who wish for the highest medicine, your attention should
be very calm, always directed to their good words, which are sweet like fine
honey of those great wise men, who are fully and perfectly enlightened all
by themselves!

These are the explanations of Pacceka-Buddhas, who assembled on the Himalaya
Mount Gandhamadana, pronounced one after the other, about the sorrow of any
desire, and the cause of the overcoming of all craving, and how they attained
their insight. Conscious of the absence of lust, while being in the midst of the
objects of lust, their minds are dispassionate in an otherwise infatuated world,
having dumped the mental proliferations, and subdued all obstructions, they all
attained insight thus:

Putting aside any violence to all beings, not hurting any of them, gentle and kind,
with a mind filled with friendliness, one should live, alone, like the horn of a rhinoceros...

Their morality are pure, their wisdom purified, their minds are concentrated,
practicing awareness, reflecting, seeing the 3 characteristics of the Dhamma,
they understand it, having developed all the elements of the Noble Way, and
the 7 Links to Enlightenment...

Having perfected the fulfillment of merit, with the sole motive to become a
solitary conqueror, they become Pacceka-Buddhas, self-existent, independent,
such is destination of these wise, who does not gain disciple-ship during the time
in which, there still remains the knowledge of the SammāsamBuddha's teaching...

Their Dhamma being great, being all sublime manifestations of the essential
dhamma, powerful are their minds, having overcome the flood of suffering,
their minds are exalted, seeing the highest and deepest truth, they are like
lions, like the horn of a rhinoceros...

With serene senses, calmed, concentrated, remembering all beings in remote
border districts, illuminating like lamps all in the other world, and in this world,
thus are these Pacceka-Buddhas, always good...

Having destroyed all hindrances, these kings of men, illuminators of the world,
shining like pure solid gold, undoubtedly worthy of any gifts in this world, are
these Pacceka-Buddhas, always good...

There are in this world together with the divine world, good teachings of these
Pacceka-Buddhas. Those fools, who after having heard these, do not act accordingly,
whirl around in Samsaric Suffering again and again...

Those who act accordingly, having heard the good words of the Pacceka-Buddhas,
which are like pure streaming honey of small delicate bees, become seers of the truths,
possessing Wisdom! Thus spoke the Gotama Buddha about those finest solitary ones
Awakened like a rhinoceros horn...
Source: The Canonical Apadāna I 7-14

Solitary & silenced is the Pacceka-Buddha ..

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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