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What are the subtle qualities of Nibbâna?

Nibbāna is:
Total ease, complete calm, absolute freedom, supreme happiness, and pure peace…
Absence of any uncertainty, any doubt, any confusion, any delusion, and all ignorance…
Presence of confidence, certainty, understanding all, and complete direct experience…
Absence of any greed, lust, desire, any urge, attraction, hunger,
and any temptation…
Presence of imperturbable and serene composure inside an all still silenced equanimity…
Absence of all hate, anger, aversion, irritation, opposition, and any stubborn rigidity…
Presence of universal goodwill: An infinite, all-embracing, gentle, and friendly
Nibbāna is not a place, not an idea, not a fantasy, no deception, not a conceit,
not finite,
not definable, not conceptual, neither a cause, nor an effect, not formed, not begun,
not beginning, not ending, not changing, not temporal, timeless, and thus ever lasting…
Nibbāna is unborn, unbecome, unmade, uncreated, uncaused, unconditioned, and all
unconstructed, not influenced, not a reflection, unimagined, and thus ultimately real…
Nibbāna is void of seeing, visible objects and visual consciousness, void of hearing,
sounds and auditory consciousness, void of smelling, fragrance, and smell consciousness,
void of tasting, tastes and gustatory consciousness, void of body, touch and tactile
consciousness, and void of mind, ideas, thoughts, thinking, and all mental consciousness…
Thus = Pure Peace @ Rest …

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Hard it is to see the unconstructed, the undistorted.. This independent state is not easily
realized. Craving is all cut for the One, who so knows, since he sees, that there is nothing
to cling to ...  Udana - Inspiration: VIII - 2

In any dependence there is bound to be instability. In free independence there cannot be
any instability. When there is no liable instability, no feeble wavering, there is a quiet calm,
stillness, serenity and peace...
When there is such solid tranquility, then there is no drive to drift along or skate away,
neither is there any mental push, nor any pull,
nor any attraction, nor any strain of appeal,
or ever of repulsion. When there is no attraction, no drift, no bending, then there is neither
any movement, change or transience, nor any coming, and thus much less any going away..
Neither is any starting, nor any ending occurring... When there is neither any coming,
nor any going, then there is neither any ceasing, nor any re-appearance or
When there neither is any ceasing, nor any reappearing, then there is neither any here,
nor there, nor beyond, nor even in between... This - just this - is the End of Suffering!
Udana - Inspiration: VIII - 4

Having understood this unconstructed state, released in mind, with the chain of and
to becoming eliminated, they attain to this supreme and sublime essence of all states.
Delighting in the calmed end of all craving, those steady Noble Ones have left all being
and any repeated becoming irreversibly all behind... Itivuttaka: Thus spoken 38

Nibbana is The Highest Bliss!


One, who so knows, sees that there is nothing to cling to ...

More on this uncreated state - Nibbāna (Sanskrit = Nirvana):

Pure is this Peace...

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016

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