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What does Perfectly Self-Enlightened Mean?


The Blessed Buddha once said this:

Those who do not understand Suffering
Who do not know how Suffering comes into being,
Nor where Suffering ceases without remaining trace!
Who do not know this Noble Way & unique Method,
Which leads straight to stilling of all Suffering!
They are indeed incapable of any mental release;
They are neither released through understanding;
Thus incapable of making an end, stranded, helpless,
They tumble on in birth, ageing and eternal decay...
But those who do understand this
Who also know
Craving as The Cause of Suffering,
And where
Suffering ceases completely,
Who do indeed understand the method of This Noble W
Which surely leads straight to
The End of all Suffering!
They are endowed both with mental release (ceto-vimutti)
And also release through understanding
Being thus ready and able of making an irreversible end,
They stop tumbling on in birth, ageing and decay...


It is because he all alone has fully awakened to these 4 Noble Truths as
they really and actually are, that the Tathagata is called a worthy Arahat,
is called a Perfectly Self-Enlightened One, is called a SammāSamBuddha...
Therefore, Bhikkhus, an effort should be dedicated to really understand:
All this is Suffering! An effort should be made much of to truly comprehend:
Craving is the Cause of Suffering!
An effort should be cultivated to realize:
No Craving is the End of Suffering! Effort should be made to break through,
reinforce, and develop: This Noble 8-fold Way which Ceases all Suffering...


Only a SammāSamBuddha  can rediscover and teach these Four Noble Truths!


More on these 4 Noble Truths (Cattari Ariya Saccani):


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:433]
section 56: Saccasamyutta. Thread 22-3: Kotigāma & Perfectly Enlightened ...

Perfectly Self-Enlightened!

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