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How is the Energy that is utterly Unshakable?

It  cannot ever be shaken by indolent laziness, thus is it the Power of Energy.
It is the Power of Energy by stabilizing and stiffening other mental qualities.
It is the Power of Energy by terminating any polluting mental defilement.
It is the Power of Energy by purifying penetration to real understanding.
It is the Power of Energy by calming, steadying and focusing the mind.
It is the Power of Energy by clearing, cleansing and purifying the mind.
It is the Power of Energy in the sense of arrival at a subtle distinction.
It is the Power of Energy in the sense of penetration to an even higher.
It is the Power of Energy in the sense of convergence upon actuality.
It is the Power of Energy in the sense of establishing in cessation.
The energetic one has unflagging faith. The faithful one is energetic.
The energetic establishes awareness. The aware one is energetic.
The energetic one concentrates. The concentrated one is energetic.
The energetic one understands. The understanding one is energetic.
Thus is the Power of Energy a synergy of mutually enhancing abilities!
Energy therefore becomes the Chief Root Hero of all Success!

Energy = Enthusiasm (Viriya)  is therefore a Link to Enlightenment:


For a full Study on Energy (Viriya): The root Hero of all Success:


Source: Sariputta - The General of the Dhamma -
The Canonical: Path of Discrimination: Patisambhidamagga. IV + XIX.

Energetic is Enthusiasm..            

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